Domain Name System in Computer Network

Domain Name System (DNS) is used to resolve host domain names to IP addresses. Network user depend on DNS ( Domain Name System ) functionality mainly during browsing the internet by typing a URL in the web browser.

In an attack on DNS (Domain Name System), an attacker’s aim is to modify a legitimate DNS (Domain Name System)  record so that it gets resolved to an incorrect IP address. It can direct all traffic for that IP to the wrong computer. An attacker can either exploit DNS (Domain Name System) protocol vulnerability or compromise the DNS (Domain Name System) serer for materializing an attack.

DNS (Domain Name System) cache poisoning is an attack exploiting a vulnerability found in the DNS (Domain Name System) protocol. An attacker may poison the cache by forging a response to a recursive DNS (Domain Name System) query sent by resolver to an authoritative server. Once, the cache of DNS (Domain Name System) resolver is poisoned, the host will get directed to a malicious website and may compromise credential information by communication to this site.

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