Information Gathering and getting to know the target systems is the first process in ethical hacking. Reconnaissance is a set of processes and techniques used to covertly discover and collect information about a target system.

During reconnaissance, an ethical hacker attempts to gather as much information about a target system as possible, following the 7 steps are bellow :—

  • Gather initial information 
  • Determine the network range
  • Identify active machines 
  • Discover open ports and access points 
  • Fingerprint the operating system 
  • Uncover services on ports 
  • Map the Network 

Reconnaissance takes place in two parts which are following:—

  • Active Reconnaissance :—
                        In this process, you will directly interact with the computer system to gain information. This information can be relevant and accurate. But there is a risk of getting detected if you are planning active reconnaissance without permission. If you are detected, then system admin can take severe action against you and trail your subsequent activities.
  • Passive Reconnaissance :—
                   In this process, you will not be directly connected to a computer system. This process is used to gather essential information without ever interacting with the target system.

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