What is DBMS ( Data Base Mangment System)

A database system provides an array of features which can be used to ensure optimal utilization of data for enhancing decision effectiveness in organisations.

Now-a-days, we are in the age of information explosion where people are bombarded with data or information and it is a difficult task to get the right information at the right time to take the right decision. Therefore, the success of an organisation is now, dependent on its ability to acquire accurate, reliable and timely information about its business so that correct decision can be executed at proper time. Database system is a tool that simplifies the above tasks of managing the data and extracting useful information in a timely fashion.
A database is a collection of related information stored so that it is available to many user for different purposes. The content of a database is obtained by are available to all user and redundant data can be eliminated or at least minimized. Database play a critical role in almost all areas where computers are used, including business, law, engineering, medicine, education, library science etc.

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