3D printing is throwing open the doors of manufacturing and design possibility. Are we on the verge of a new industrial revolution and who will benefit ?
3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology for making three dimensional objects of almost any shape using a digital model. The process is computer driven with item being built up form nothing, typically through the deposition
of successive layers of materials of plastic, metal, wood, concrete etc. The technology is already in use in a number of sectors, most notably in prototyping and in various sectors as diverse as jewelry manufacturing and aerospace industries and the number of applications is rapidly increasing. In particular, the use of graphene  as a material for 3D printing would open up the number of item able to produced in this way, for example manufacturing entire computers and solar panels.
The use of 3D printing to produce organic items to also a possibility with bio-printing having already produced artificial vascular systems and it is hoped that this will allow for complex, functional human tissues to produced using cells form almost any organism. With the ability to produced items, such as gains, that were previously difficult to access, being extended to many people, there are serious public safety issues.
 Uneven distribution of the costs and benefits of 3D printing is also issue wen considering bio-printing for  example printing of organic material to create personalized bio bandages.

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