There are steps that everyone with a computer should take to keep it secure. This may involve protecting information about your network of activists, your credit cards and any other personal information. So, your computer holds some important information and this need to be protected.
Today I am share some tips , By following these tips you can more protect than other normal user. So, Let’s Start

  • Keep your operating system up-to-date, the developer of operating system provide updates that you should install form time to time. These may be automatic or you may have to request them by entering a command or adjusting your system setting. Some of these updates make your computer more efficient and easier to use, and other fix security holes. Attackers learn about these security holes rapidly, sometimes even before they’er fixed, so fixing them promptly is crucial.
  • Every computer needs an account to login. This account is needed to access your data and use the of your computer. So, be can sure to setup a password for every account. And use good passwords. No. password selection system can guard against being threatened with violence, but you can improve your security by making it harder to guess. Do not use the birth dates, mobile numbers or words that can be guessed by going through public information about you.
  • If you are still using Microsoft Windows then use anti virus software and keep it updated. Malware is software written in order to steal information or to use your computer of other purposes. Viruses and Malware can gain access to your systems, make changes and hide themselves. They could be sent to your in an email be on the Web page you visit, or be part of a file that does not appear to be suspicious. Anti-virus software providers constantly research emerging threats and add them to lists of things that your computer will block.
  • Transferring viruses with USB sticks or with email attachments is very easy and often done by the virus itself rather then the owner or sender, especially under Microsoft Windows. It’s just recently Microsoft changed it’s policy regarding automatically opening USB sticks. Never open any file you do not trust.

These are the some basic tips if you follow these tips you can protect your computer then other normal user. If you have some other ideas then share with us on comment box…..

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