Today in this post I am try to explain in very easy way, how internet works ……
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Imagine a group of individuals who decide to share information on their computers by connecting them, Their efforts result in a set of devices able to communicate with each other via a computer network. Of course, the network can be even more valuable and useful if it is connect to other networks and hence to other computers and network users. this simple desire to connect and share information electronically is manifested today in the global Internet.
As the Internet has grown rapidly, the complexity of its interconnections has also increased, and the Internet is literally built up from the interconnection of a tremendous number of networks.

The internet today is a decentralized world wide network of such local computer networks, as well as larger networks such as university and corporate networks, and the networks of hosting providers.
The organizations that arrange these interconnections between networks are called Internet Service Provider. Internet Service Provider (ISP) responsibility is deliver data to the appropriate place, usually by forwarding the data to another router closer to the data’s final destination.

The backbone is made up of major network equipment installations and global connections between them via fiber optic cables and satellites. These connections enable communications between internet user indifferent countries. National and international provider connect to this backbone through routers sometimes known as gateways, which are connections that allow disparate networks to communicate with each other. These gateways, just like other routers, may be a point at which Internet traffic is monitored or controlled.

The originators of the internet generally believed that there is only one internet that it is global and that it should allow any two computes anywhere in the world to communicate directly with one another assuming the owners of both computers want this happen.

The most basic standard that uniquely identify the devices on the global internet is called the internet protocol. When your computer connected to the internet, it is normally assigned a numeric IP address like a postal address. It is identify your computer uniquely.

Domain Name System also used when someone use the internet, about the name system i am write a another post to read click on Below link :—

So these are the some basic terms of internet. If you have something about this topic then write in comment box….

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