According to a survey Ethical Hacker is the 11th most highest paying IT certification. Certified ethical hacker make an average annual income of $98500 according to The average starting salary for a certified ethical hacker is $95000. Within few year experience can pull $120000 and upwards per year. So, if someone interested in IT sector then his future is bright. But in starting every Ethical hacker need very hard work to get good knowledge and experience of hacking.
On the above picture report for salary of CEH.

“To Beat a hacker you need to think as a Hacker.” A Ethical hacker are hire by an company and organization to secure his data on computer system and on the internet. So, all companies and organization pay very high salary because these are the base of any company and organisation. If data of any organization are not secure then it can not growth. So, for every organization an ethical hacker are necessary for security purpose. 

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