When calling another person with your smart phone, your communication can be monitored on multiple place. Governments all over the world have regulations which allows tapping phone lines, this includes mobile phones. If you think your phone is tapped and your need a secure phone communication, it is worth looking into voice encryption.

There a vendors who offer mobile phones with voice encryption, but if you phones hardware does not allow you to encrypt the normal voice calls, you can still use your data connection to send and receive encrypted voice data. The standard method for the is called SIP protocol. SIP built in business Symbian-phones  and the N900 and available for android phones. SIP calls might be encrypted, but generally are not this is a decision mostly of your SIP provider who has to support it. 

Currently there are two convenient solution for secure calling. Both use the data connection of your smart phone, which means that you either need to be connected to a WiFi connection or have a payable and reliable 4G connection.

1st is that use Skype it is a very popular voice communication application. It is uses encryption for the whole path of the voice communication. Although the encryption seems to be reasonably good. Skype is not open about the technology they use for this It’s unknown if some governments have access to it or not. It seems to be safe for most countries and at lease safer then using normal phone communications.

2nd method is use Red-phone application which is available only on the Android platform. It established a voice connection by a mediation through the RedPhone. It is very convenient to install on Android Phones. It is also available form Android Market. After installing it will use your normal phone contacts. It also has the ability to upgrade a phone call to en encrypted one while calling.

There are some other methods using VoIP encryption. Most of these application need a proper setup by a VoIP provider and are therefore not covered by this manual.

If you want a Secure Vice Communication then keep in mind this tips if you have any other suggestion then write in comment box…..

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