Time sharing is a technique which enable may people, located at various terminals to use a particular computer system at the same time. Time sharing or multitasking is a logical extension of multi-programming. Processor’s time which is shared among multiple user simultaneously is termed as time sharing.

For example if a large number of user work on a single CPU at a time. Then CPU work very fast as compare to user. And CPU fix a time interval for every user and switching the every user after sometime. The time interval which are fixed by the CPU is very very short it may be in micro-seconds. It look like CPU work in continue for every user. But in real it is time sharing technique.

As show in the above picture on a CPU, 6 user at a time. CPU switching the every user one by one. The working speed of user is very slow then the CPU. So, CPU handle very well all six user. In this picture CPU start it’s working form the 1st user then goes on 2nd and so on.When CPU reach on last user again CPU Start with 1st user. This process repeat till the user can not complete his work. This process is known as time sharing. 

I hope you understand what is time sharing operating system. If you have any question about time sharing then write in comment box……

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