Advance hacker writes a scanning tool that looks for well known vulnerabilities and the hacker makes it available over the internet. And some new hacker run the scanning tool all time ( 27*7), scan a large number of system and finding many systems that are vulnerable. They typically run the tool against the name spaces associated with companies they would like to get into.

New hacker called it script kiddies. It is use a list of vulnerable IP addresses to launch attack, based on the vulnerabilities advertised by a machine, to gain access to systems. Depending on the vulnerabilities, an attacker may be able to create either a privileged or non-privileged account. Regardless, The attacker uses this initial entry in the system to gain additional privileges and exploit the system the penetrates system has trust relationships with shares information with is on the same network with and so on.

Once a hacker is established access on a system. Then attacker can run scanning tools against all the system connected to penetrated system these can run inside an organization’s network.

Vulnerabilities are also known as loopholes. Because these are the way by which someone enter in your system or in your website. And he/she able to do anything as like owner.

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