The internet was originally designed for sharing information between two person or a group of person. In fact very open nature of the Internet protocols likely contributed success through the 1990s and today. Buy when so many people can connect so easily, there are bound to be a few bad apples to trying to ruin the party. In earlier days, a tremendous amount
of technical know-how was required to crack into computer through network. It is said that unprotected computer will be targeted within 15 minutes of initial network connection.
Writing viruses and breaking into computer system was once an ego-driven activity. Now’s it is a business. Taking over personal computer can be profitable. Control of these personal computer is traded and sold in blocks thousands. The victimized computers are then used to send out spam emails or attack a certain computer in coordination with one another. The lease nefarious idea is to break into a computer, encrypt all of its files, and then demand a payment form the computer owner .
Even with all of this technical acumen so widely available the number one way to gain illegal entry to a computer system is through  social engineering  . That is called up the target organization and weaseling your way into their confidence, perhaps enough to get a naive desk jockey to cough up password. Walking purposefully through a building with a clipboard is an awfully good way to get restricted areas.

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