Application ( OR use ) of Computer Network

Applications & Uses of Networks are following :—-

  • Resource Sharing :—

                                Sharing of hardware, software and data is a major benefit of computer networks. Although printers are much cheaper then they were a few years ago, it is still too expensive to provide every worker with his or her own printer. When several workers can share a printer on a network, printing become less expensive and easier to manage.


  •    Financial services :—–
                  Today’s financial services are totally dependent on computer networks. Applications include credit history searches, foreign exchange and investment services, and electronic funds transfer (EFT), which allows a user, to transfer money without going into a bank (an automated teller machine is a kind of electronic funds transfer; automatic paycheck deposit is another).
    •  Simultaneous Access :—-

                      Computer networks allows many user to access programs and data at the same time. At any given moment in any business, several workers may need to use the same data at the same time. A god example is company’s quarterly sales report, which needs to be viewed and updated by several managers.

    • Reduce Costs : —-

                 As we can share software and hardware resources, it will automatically reduce the cost of executing the data.

    • Easier Backup :—-

           In business, data is extremely valuable, so it is important that employees back up their data data. AS all data is stored on the server backing up the critical data is a simple process.

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