Network Tepologies ( OR Classification by Teopology)

The physical arrangement of computers in the network is called as topology. The path taken by data from sender to receiver computer mainly depends upon the topology of the network. Every computer is linked to the network but the way how it is linked is different in different typologies.

The Choice of topology depends upon the following factor :—-

1. Cost
2. Availability of physical communication line.
3. Reliability of the entire system.
4. Number of cables required.
5. Expandablility of the System.
6. Transmission delays.
7. Maximum distance.
8. Maximum number of nodes.

In LAN , various Topologies exist , Which are following :—-

1. STAR Topology
2. Ring Topology
3. BUS Topology
4. Fully Associated Topology
5. Mesh Topology
6. Multi Drop Topology
7. Hybrid Topology
8. Tree Topology

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