–>Introduction to Data Science

Need for Data Scientists
Foundation of Data Science
What is Business Intelligence
What is Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Machine Learning
Analytics vs Data Science

Value Chain
Types of Analytics
Lifecycle Probability
Analytics Project Lifecycle


Basis of  Data Categorization
Types of Data
Data Collection Types
Forms of Data and Sources
Data Quality, Changes and Data Quality Issues, Quality Story
What is Data Architecture
Components of Data Architecture
How is Data Stored?

–>Big Data

What is Big Data?
5 Vs of Big Data
Big Data Architecture, Technologies, Challenge and Big Data Requirements
Big Data Distributed Computing and Complexity
Map Reduce Framework
Hadoop Ecosystem

–>Data Science Deep Dive

What is Data Science?
Why are Data Scientists in demand?
What is a Data Product
The growing need for Data Science
Large-Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
Data Science Skills
Data Science Use Cases and Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
Map-Reduce Framework
Hadoop Ecosystem
Data Acquisition
Where to source data
Evaluating input data
Data formats, Quantity and Data Quality
Resolution Techniques
Data Transformation
File Format Conversions

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