–>Apache Spark

Introduction to Apache Spark
Why Spark
Batch Vs. Real-Time Big Data Analytics
Batch Analytics – Hadoop Ecosystem Overview
Real-Time Analytics Options
Streaming Data – Storm

In Memory Data – Spark, What is Spark?
Spark benefits to Professionals
Limitations of MR in Hadoop
Components of Spark
Spark Execution Architecture
Benefits of Apache Spark
Hadoop vs Spark

–>Introduction to Scala

Features of Scala
Basic Data Types of Scala
Val vs Var
Type Inference
Objects & Classes in Scala
Functions as Objects in Scala
Anonymous Functions in Scala
Higher Order Functions
Lists in Scala
Pattern Matching
Traits in Scala
Collections in Scala

–>Spark Core Architecture

Spark & Distributed Systems
Spark for Scalable Systems
Spark Execution Context
What is RDD
RDD Deep Dive and Dependencies
RDD Lineage
Spark Application In Depth and Spark Deployment
Parallelism in Spark
Caching in Spark

–>Spark Internals

Spark Transformations, Actions, Cluster and SQL Introduction
Spark Data Frames
Spark SQL with CSV, JSON, and Database

–>Spark Streaming

Features of Spark Streaming
Micro Batch
Transformations on Dstreams
Spark Streaming Use Case

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