SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Whereas Internet includes hundred thousands of web pages, it is better to use search engines in order to reach
wanted data or information. According to Comscore World Metrix evaluation on April 2009, Turkey has 7th biggest
Internet population in Europe and furthermore, it also has users who spend the
most time on the Internet in
Europe(Internet1,2009). According to the research study on July 2009, 81 percent of Internet users enter to the
Internet environment via search engine web pages. For instance, 80 percent of people, who want to buy car, search for a car by using search engines. According to the research study on February 2009, Google is the most widely used
search engine(Internet2,2009).
It is too important for search engines to give response for lots of people, especially marketers. Companies, which
are aware of this situation, aim to take part on the first page or first row of search engines by using Internet
advertisement or more natural approach: search engine optimization (seo). Because of lower costs, “seo” is preferred
rather than Internet advertisement.

Data or information about an unknown subject is usually searched on the first page of search engines. After
examining first 5 result pages, other remaining pages are not evaluated by users. Because of this, it is important to
move a web page to top lists of search engines in order to introduce it better. In order to achieve this, the search
engine optimization must be used by web site developers. Because, it is possible to move a web page to the first
page of a search engine by using only some necessary optimization rules. It is important to have an effective, well structured and good-looking web page to introduce the related company, services or products better. But it is also
too important for customers to search and find the related web page on a search engine easily. Furthermore, 80
percent of Internet users also search for products or services by using search engines mostly(interactive advertisements)(Internet3,2010). It is an easy and effective way to introduce and market a company by using a web
page. In order to achieve this, information related to the company is obtained by using search engines. In a
competitive business environment, moving up to top lists can be achieved by using search engine optimization. 

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