Advanced Features of Word Processor (Ch-4 )| STD 5th | Computer Science | ICSE


Advanced Features of Word Processor

Ex. 4

a.    a. Superscript
Superscript will make
the text appear above the regular line of text.

b.    b. Subscript
Subscript will make the
text appear below the regular line of text.

c.     c. Indentation
The amount of the degree
by which a paragraph is shifted/moved from the normal margin of a document is
known as indentation.

d.    d. Shapes
We can use Shapes option
to insert various kinds of shapes – lines, arrows, stars and banners – in a document.

Ex. 5

a.    a. What is the use of Format
Format Painter tool is
used to copy the formatting that you have already applied to a portion of text.

b.    b. What is the use of Find and
Replace option?
Find and Replace command
is used to search and replace a text or word with the new one.

c.     c. What is the purpose of
adding header and footer in your document?
We can add a header or
footer to display some common information on each page of our document. We can
add information such as a chapter title, a page number or the current date in
header or footer.

d.    d. Define various types of
breaks in Word.
Type of breaks in Word
Column Break: By using the Column Break feature we can break the text
form anywhere in the first Column.
Line Break: Line Break end a current line and let you continue the text
on another line.
Page Break: We can always insert a page break if you wish to start a new
page at some specific location.

e.    e. What is the use of rulers
in Word?
Rulers help you identify
the position of the insertion point. Rulers appear below the Ribbon and on the
left side of your document.

f.      f. How many types of Tab
settings are available in Word 2010?
Five different types of
tabs used in a document are:

Left Tab

Right Tab

Center Tab

Decimal Tab

Bar Tab

g.     g. What do you mean by
A margin is the amount
of space between the text in our document and the edge of your paper. The
default margin for a word document is 1 inch on each side.

h.    h. What do you mean by Page Orientation?
The Direction of page,
portrait orientation (page looks longer than wider
) or landscape orientation (page looks
wider than longer
) are called page

i.       i. What is the benefit of
adding a border?
We can add a border to
the text in our document to draw attention towards important information.


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