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Ch- 2 Generation
of Computer

Complete Chapter Q/A Solution

Ex. 5

What do you mean by the term ‘Generation’?

     Generation mean remarkable improvement in any product. Generations of
computer mean remarkable development and growth in computer technology.


How many generations of computer are
there? Write the time period of each.
There are five generations of computer which are following: –

*   First
Generation (1946-1958)

*   Second
Generation (1959-1964)

*   Third
Generation (1965-1970)

*   Fourth
Generation (1971 Onwards)

*   Fifth
Generation (Present and Beyond)

between 1st generation and 2nd generation computers.

1st Generation

2nd Generation

1.   They used Vacuum

2.   They used Machine Language.

3.   Size was very big.

4.   Very Costly.

5.   Produced a lot of heat.

6.   Speed was very slow.


1.   They used Transistors.

2.   They use Assembly Language.

3.   Size smaller as compare to
1st Generation.

4.   Cost got

5.   Produced less heat.

6.   Speed was faster.

What are the advantage of transistors?
The transistors were far superior than vacuum tubes that allowed computers
to become
smaller, faster, cheaper, and more reliable than the
first generation computer.

What are the benefits of semiconductor
Semiconductor chips made the computer more powerful, and increased the speed and efficiency of computers.
The third-generation computers could carry
billions of
in a few seconds.

How can we say that 3rd
generation computer is better than 2nd generation computer?
As compare to 2nd Generation they used high-level language, the size become smaller, more reliable, produce less heat and
interacted with keyboard and monitor which interfaced with an
operating system.

What is a microprocessor? In which
generation is this used?
The fourth Generation of Computers used Microprocessor.
The size of computer became very small as thousands of
Integrated Circuits were built onto a single silicon Chips.

What are the features of Fourth generation

1.   They use microprocessor. 

2.   They using high-level language.

 3.   They are multipurpose computers.

 4.   They are accurate and reliable.

 5.   The operating
speed is very fast.

What is the main goal of 5th
generation computer?
The main goal of the fifth generation is develop the computers that can respond
to natural language, and are capable of learning and taking their own decisions,
for example,

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