I lost my USB I have only mouse how to connect it


I am 100% sure, you are searching for this…

 As you can see…
little dongle… a wifi dongle…   And…
If I place randomly here and there… I will be lost it soon…   And I am sure you are searching for that

That’s why you come to this post…   Now I am telling you the solution of this.  that if you lost this dongle… What to do?   See… 
I am told you the reality in this post…   If you lost this dongle…   and you have mouse…  

If you lost that dongle… What to do? 
I am telling you …   

The dongle… and mouse…   Both are paired by default. so, if I connect
it will work.   But if you buy the same
company, same model, same mouse…  will
not work with that dongle…   Because of
different Frequency.   That mouse and
dongle have the same frequency. So, it’s worked.  That new mouse and dongle have the same
frequency-matched so that they will also work.  

But that dongle with this mouse will not going to work
because of different frequencies.   So
that the clear math. It’s all about frequency. You cannot pair a mouse with a
different frequency dongle.   

For Example –

Think you and your 5 friends are seating in a row next to
each other with the same brand and same model mouse on all of your laptops…   Don’t you think they will interfere with each
other?   Because you are using the same mouse,
right?   But that does not happen, right?
Because of different Frequencies… 

And that by default set their manufacture.    So
that thing you have to understand…   If
you lost this dongle. YOU HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE.  Now Condition
Second.   In this First condition if you
lost the dongle. your mouse has no use. you have to though it and buy a new
one.   Because that mouse and dongle are
not a unifying device…   

If you have Unifying Device both mouse and dongle.   

If you don’t have that one. you have to buy a new one
because there is no solution for that normal one.   But if you have a Unifying keyboard or Mouse.
there is a solution…   That orange mark
must be on both mouse and dongle or keyboard if you have…   Then you just need to buy a dongle.   and dongle can easily buy on Amazon or
Flipkart…   But you have to pay a high
Amount…it’s too costly…  2000 to 3000
INR for a single unifying Dongle…   And
then you paired with your mouse or keyboard that cost you 1200 Rs. only   and that not a good deal.

Instead, you can buy a new mouse or keyboard set in a much
lower cost…   Buy some people not able
to understand that…   So basically,
That the solution…    If you have a costly Mouse and keyboard set
and you lost your dongle.   That’s the
Third condition.   If you bought a good
gaming keyboard mouse set and lost your dongle. for Rs.4k, 5k, or maybe 10k…   Then you can use a unifying dongle or device.
  you have to pair that also…   

how you can pair that I will let you know in my upcoming post…
or you have user guide.  Before disliking
this post… Think again and again… if you have a solution…   How can you pair any dongle with any other
dongle or mouse?  bla… bla… bla…  

So, I am telling you only 1 thing… Just buy new one and
save your time and money… If you don’t have the unifying device.    (But trust me that nothing to do with the solution)
My only suggestion to you is don’t buy unifying… That too costly. buy a new normal
one and take care of that small dongle… 
Just take care of that small dongle…   Still, you lost your dongle.

You have only 1 best solution…  JUST BUY NEW ONE…   IF YOU HAVE BEST SOLUTION THAN THIS…   That’s the ending note.  Thanks, dear friends…   if you
have any questions comment below, I will reply for sure…    

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