Word Processor – Tabular presentation | Ch – 4 | STD. 6th | ICSE




Ex. 4

a.   a. What is MS-Word?
Ans: Microsoft Word or MS-Word is a full-featured word processing
program. It allows user to create and manipulate documents,
containing mostly text and something graphics.

b.     b. What is a Table?
Ans: Tables
are the most powerful and useful tools. Tables is a way of organizing
information into horizontal rows and vertical columns.

c.  c. What do mean by
a cell?

Ans: Cell refers to the intersection of row and column in the table. We can
insert all types of data in cells, including text and graphics.

d.    d. Why do we need
to select a cells?
Ans: We can
select table cells, and columns in a table to perform editing tasks, and apply
formatting to all the selected areas of the table.

e.    e. Why do we
combine cells in a table?

Ans: We can combine two or more cells in a table to create one large cell.

f.     f. Write down the
shortcut keys to move the insertion point from cell in a table.

  Ø Press Tab key to
move to the next cell

    Ø Press Shift + Tab keys
to the previous cell

    Ø Use the Arrow keys
to move one cell in the arrow’s direction

    Ø Click on the cell in which we want
to type

    Ex. 5

    a.    What are the
three ways to create a table in MS- Word?

    Ans: 1. Insert Table
         2. Draw Table
         3. Quick Table

b.   b. What is the
purpose of aligning the text in a cell?

Ans: We can enhance the appearance of our table by changing the position of the
text in cells. Word table alignment options include the basic left, right,
center and justify as well as vertical alignments.

c.     c. Why do we use
various table styles?
Ans: We can
format our table by assigning the formatting styles that are designed
specifically for tables. Table styles offer a variety of designs that includes
shading and coloring, borders and fonts etc.

d.    d. How will you
convert tables to text?

Ans: 1. Select
the table
         2. Click on Table Tools
3. Click on Layout Tab
4. Choose Convert to Text
5. Click on OK

e.    e. Differentiate
between splitting cell in a table and splitting table.

Ans:  Splitting cell: We can split
one cell into two or more cells in our table. We can even split cells into
columns or rows.
          Splitting table: We can
split one table into two tables if we want to enter a significant amount of
information in one table. 

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